Marcel Bedro continues to find inspiration from everyday life, creating jewelry that reflects both aware and unaware thoughts, as well as seemingly simple objects and awkward habits. This collection features two different stories ? ?Paper roll? and ?Keepsakes? - both defining the minimalistic and clean design that has become her signature.

Sometimes it's unintentional, other times it's a habit done without thinking or a ritual meant to keep folding marks away ? the rolling of a piece of paper can have many reasons. Inspired by the idea of turning an ordinary piece of faded paper into something shiny and new, Marcel put this range of handmade pieces together. By combining these unexpected elements, a new dramatic dynamic is captured.

Intrigued by the tradition of family keepsakes and how they are deeply cherished before being passed on to become someone else's prized possession, Marcel interpreted that vision in her own way. Centered on a solid silver stone, with a traditional emerald cut and classic setting, this collection brings her contemporary take on the concept of family mementos to life, allowing the timeless and the modern to meet in an everlasting design that is meant to be loved generation after generation.
Marcel Bedro's first jewelry collection was built slowly and put together throughout the process of defining her aesthetics. Objects of everyday life, annoying habits and fragments from her childhood can be seen in this range. With a minimalistic and clean design all the pieces have an edge spun from flaws and imperfections.

Fascinated with the walking stick insects' secret appearance and strange abilities Marcel turned it into a necklace. This piece is also a celebration of her childhood friends that couldn't be trusted to take care of a "real" pet and got this insect instead. Kept in boxes with sticks and leaves, these insects were hardly ever visible and seldom handled with care. Marcel wanted to capture and mould its unique beauty in "Stick Insect".

A familiar habit was the trigger behind the "Rubber Band" series. People often have an unconscious tendency to twirl rubber bands around fingers and wrists making it borderline uncomfortable and that was Marcel's appeal. Her minimalistic interpretations of the sometimes painful act come in the shapes of bracelets, top finger rings and two finger rings.

A pair of tweezers in the bathroom cabinet caught Marcel's eye. Its alluring shape suddenly felt exactly right. Twisted into a ring, bracelet and necklace paired with huge semi-precious stones gives the ordinary tool a new dimension. "Tweezers" is about creating a new meaning to an unexpected object by changing its context.