Marcel Bedro founded a jewelry label with the same name in 2012. After 12 years in the fashion industry, working with accessories and ready-to-wear, the fast pace consumption made her long for something different. A desire to work more with her hands sparked the idea of creating jewelry.

Marcel says: People have such strong relationships to their jewelry. It's often emotional and filled with memories that are inherited for generations. I also find it fascinating when jewelry becomes part of who you are and lead to unconscious tics that aren't always flattering but gives such a sense of assurance that you feel naked without them.?

Marcel has a rebellious approach with a devotion to her ideas. The non-existent consideration for practical obstacles has become her strength. With a minimalistic and clean aesthetics her jewelry has an edge that makes them statements. Made of genuine silver or gold plated silver with rare additions like stones, all pieces stay within her distinct design expression. Inspiration comes from imperfections. Fascinated with awkwardness, all the little flaws that keep things from getting too perfect has become her core. A play with something traditional or tools of all kinds can trigger an idea as well as the cleverness of everyday life.